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Turning 40


When I think of the age of 40, I think of woman about my mums age. Not quite middle aged, but certainly heading that way. You've had your kids and life is settled. 40 is without doubt a big age for a woman. Perhaps I am generalising, maybe for some it is simply a number, but turning 40 for me was a massive deal. Two weeks ago I celebrated my 40th year. It actually doesn't sound real when I say it. Sometimes when I'm driving in my car, I actually don't feel old enough, or responsible enough to be in charge of a moving vehicle. So how can I be 40? A cliche, I know, but where the hell did those 40 years go? It was a blink ago that I was leaving school and going to university.

As health and beauty is a big thing for me, the scary part about turning 40 is starting to lose my looks and my health. My friend said to me, and it is so true; you just start to lose your sparkle. That is exactly what it is. I don't feel as sparkly anymore. I totally understand that I am being pathetic and in the grand scheme of things this is a middle class, nice problem to have. I get that. I realise this is my issue, but it doesn't stop how I feel. I guess the fear is that the next 40 will be just as quick, if not quicker.

Anyway, I refuse to give in, nor grow old gracefully. I will fight it to the death :-)

Rather than crying in a corner on my birthday, I decided to go all out and have a fantastic celebration in style. 15 of my friends and family flew to Athens. We stayed at the Live in Athens apartments, 8 amazing apartments set in the heart of Plaka in the old old of Athens. Surrounded by bars, cafes and shops. It is a must place to visit. We hired the building and took over the roof top garden, with breath taking views of the Acropolis and partied.

The Girls Team- 3 generations

My family

I wore a simple yellow maxi dress from Asos (no longer on their site). The air was warm and the bubbles was flowing!

Although I may not be happy at the thought of getting older, I could not have asked to spend my birthday in a better place with best friends and family in the world.

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