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Overpriced skincare products I wish I'd never wasted my money on!

I think we have all fallen victim to over priced, over hyped products. Whether that be skincare, makeup, diet supplements, we've all been had. They manage to seduce you with keywords that are important to you. For example, if you have a sagging jawline, you will instantly be drawn like a fly to a light by anything that claims to improve the thing that you hate. We also must bear in mind the big brands with thousands to spend on marketing will really get the product out there to every influencer that you love to watch. Even though your sensible head is telling you; "I'm just being sold to", the FOMO side tends to win and you think well maybe it is as good as they say it is. To be fair, there have been many products that I have bought of the back of a recommendation of an influencer and they have been great. However, many haven't. I don't mind wasting the odd fiver on a Boots or Revolution lipstick that is a let down, but when the brand is a high end, bijou range you can often end up being well and truly spanked. That bugs me.

OK, so here are just a few that really peed me off;

Sisley Eye Concealer

Don't judge me, but this concealer was £69.50. I know. Ridiculous. I hang my head in shame. I did buy it at Duty Free and didn't quite realise the price until the checkout! This concealer claims it "masks dark circles and signs of fatigue, visibly smooths fine lines and reduces eye puffiness". Epic let down. It did none of those things. It was a watery consistency that covered nothing. It was honestly worse than some of the cheapy high street that you pick up for £2 in the bargain bucket. Maybe it worked for others, but for me a massive no, no.


Eye Contour Mask

Drum roll, this epic waste of money was £95. As my under eyes are the bane of my life, I thought this may be a good investment. I was wrong! The gel is very sticky and if anything it left my eyes feeing more puffy. I honestly did not see one sign of improvement.

Lixir Vitamin C Paste

This paste comes in at £32, cheap in comparison to Sisley, but way over priced for this item. This was a real cult favourite amongst the influencers. They raved about having glowing skin and even skin tone and it has 4 stars on Cult Beauty. Maybe it's just my skin that it didn't agree with, but it was so sticky that when it was washed off I still felt a stick to my skin rather than a glow. It was extremely heavy and made me breakout.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Moisturiser

This is priced at £18.50, so we are improving. However, I was disappointed by the claims that were made by all of the influencers. If you look on YouTube there are hundreds of reviews on this "beauty secret". I felt extremely smug when I bought this from Sephora in the US before it was launched in the UK, but very quickly felt duped. I think the description of this moisturiser also helps to sell it. It sounds healthy, cool and fresh. Now I'm not saying that there was anything that I hated about this product, but there was nothing that I liked at the same time. It was runny, not very moisturising. All in all, jus a bit meh.

There are so many more products that I could talk about and maybe will in another post! Don't want to bore you too much with my ramblings. I guess we sometimes need to take a step back and think before buying. It is too easy to be seduced by flawless influencers, who will often take advantage of our insecurities and think if a product is really worth it. I am trying to start to ask for samples first, then you really know what you're spending your hard cash on. Also, think about who you are watching. I really enjoy watching videos from Influencers such as Tati (putting aside her recent online social media drama with James Charles, cringe), she is a good influencer and as I see it tells the truth. She is not afraid to slate a product is she doesn't like it, often opening herself to a lot of criticism. I also love Nadine Baggott and Caroline Hiron's FB chat pages. These are amazing places to really find out the products that work as it is skincare lovers sharing the love, with no hidden agendas.

Thanks for reading!

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