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New Lisa Eldridge lipstick-Love of my life

Lisa Eldridge's lipsticks are renowned in the beauty industry. Her first collection, True Velvet Lipstick Collection was sold out almost before it was launched. This first collection of true reds was a massive success, so it made sense that it would be followed by a new shade range. The next to be launched was pink. I am a fan of pink, whether it be bright, or nude pink, I just love the femininity of the colour. I ordered Love of my Life the day it was launched, luckily, as it followed the success of the reds and was soon sold out. I chose this colour as the other three options; Go Lightly, Rainbow Spill and Skyscaper Rose looked either too bright or too nude. Love of my life appeared to be my ideal shade and it did not disappoint.

This lipstick isn't cheap at £26, but you can feel the quality of it. The texture is unlike any lipstick I have had before. I can only describe it as a sheer texture that builds up into something bolder if thats what you wish. The first coat just gives a subtle pink splash of colour, but apply a second it builds to a very pigmented shade of pink. It is light, not in anyway sticky, but certainly not drying. In fact my lips feel very moisturised.

Pouty face

You can see in my major pout face that I have applied a few coats to give a very pigmented, strong pink. A strong colour, great with a tan and for holidays.

This is still Love of my Life, but with just one coat to give a much softer day pink. Girly, girly :-)

Myself and my hubster

This is undeniably my current favourite lipstick and possibly one of my all time keepers, and I know lipstick...

My lipstick collection!

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