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Beauty Pie- is it worth it?

Beauty Pie has been around for some time now. I was super sceptical at first, but after a few good recommendations, I decided to sign up. It took me a while to get my head around it, but basically you pay a monthly subscription. You can pay as little as £5 per month up to £20. This "allows" you a spend amount, from £50 to £200 per month. At first I thought that I could buy up to £200 per month, but that is not the case. When buying a product, there will be the "members only" price and the RRP price. The £50-£200 is based on the RRP price. I am not totally convinced that the RRP prices are a true reflection of what the true price should be. I think they are super inflated, so that you feel that you are getting a great deal. My subscription is £15 per month, and it is surprising how little you can actually buy with this £150 limit.

The members prices are extremely reasonable and there is no doubt value for money. Even when you factor in the subscription fee, I will still bench mark them at high street prices.

The idea of Beauty Pie is after you pay your subscription, you only pay factory prices. The factories that these products are sourced at are rumoured to be the same as some very high end names such as Bobbi Brown.

I have to say, whoever thought of this scheme is a genius. A monthly club that you pay into that forces to you buy and make you feel like you are getting a deal.

Despite the fact, I do feel slightly conned by this scheme, I do genuinely think that the majority of products are very good and the price is undoubtedly affordable.

So here are few that I just ordered;

Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm

If you like balms, then yes, just buy it. It's great. I think balms are a Marmite thing, you love them or hate them. I really enjoy balms. I love giving my face a mini facial whilst cleaning it and then wiping it all away with a micro fibre cloth. There is no tightening of the skin, if anything your skin is left moist, but clean. RRP £50/Members price £10.66.

Jeju Daily Skin Spray

I seem to collect facial mists. I just enjoy giving my face a little spritz throughout the day. It freshens your makeup and adds a little glow to your skin as it sometimes drys up throughout the day. It is filled with hyaluronic acid, bamboo grass, jeju yoshino blossom & scurellaria root. I'm not sure of any of the ingredients other than our favourite hyaluronic acid, which I try to pile on as much as I possibly can to stop my skin getting dehydrated. If you like a mist, this is a nice one.

RRP £30/member price £9.49

Pro-Glow Highlighter

Everyone loves a good highlighter. I have drawers full. With the golden twist of colour I thought that this would give a nice, natural, bronzed glaze. Unfortunately, that was not the case. You can see on the swatch above, it is extremely light and the texture chalk like. I prefer a glow that almost appears wet on the skin, this, I have to say, it the total opposite. A pass for me.

RRP £30/Members price £7.10

SuperGlazy Lip Gloss

In Hello Petal. This gloss is as described, super glossy and not sticky as it is oil based. If you like a high gloss this is ideal as it doesn't leave that nasty, gaggy feeling when you're lips are stuck together like having a piece of chewing gum in between your lips. Not attractive. This is much more moisturising and less tacky. As a colour though, a little disappointing as little colour appears on the lips. I use it over a lipstick for the high gloss value.

I have many more BeautyPie treats that I have collected over the months. The majority I am very happy with. I think that the products are most certainly of high quality, the price is good, it is just the monthly subscription you ned to get your head around. Once you sign up, you are able to cancel after 3 months. I personally think that if you like trying new products and you buy make-up/skincare on a regular basis then it is certainly worth a try.

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