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The Girls Team

Hi, thanks for coming over to my blog. This is the girls team. Scarlett and I. Scarlett is 7 years old and my princess. We live together with daddy (otherwise known as Ian) in an old converted dairy in the middle of nowhere in Lancashire (The forest of Bowland)...doubt you've heard of it.

I'm a working mum. I work for a large construction company as Export Manager. This means that I travel across Europe a couple of times per month. I love travelling, and have always travelling since leaving university 18 years ago, but the excitement has gone out of it now that I have to leave my mini me. It's an odd feeling, I know that I would miss it if I wasn't travelling, but at the same time I dread my trips and I know how difficult it is for Ian when I am away. He also travels for work, so we are often ships in the night. As a working mum that also has to stay away regularly, I am forever doubting myself and feel extreme guilt. Am I a bad mum? Am I not giving enough to my job? Is there such a thing as the right balance???Who knows, if you have the answer please tell me!

Since being a little girl I have loved everything to do with makeup, beauty and skincare. This is living with mum, who, I won't tell you how old she is as she will kill me, is a stunning woman with a body to die for. She is on the hunt for enternal youth. As am I.

As I travel, I get to explore different makeup brands and see what works for other women. I love the Nordic healthy, glowing approach to makeup and skincare.

I decided to start my blog as a creative outlet to share my thoughts of makeup brands that I have tried, different tricks that I have learnt and my approach to anti-ageing. I also want to share with you my lovely family, our pescatarian diet and any other bits and bots that I think you may find interesting.

Thanks for reading, I would love to hear about you and also what you want to hear from me.

Karen xxx

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