About us

Hi, I'm Karen. I am married to Ian and we have a 7 year old princess- Scarlett.

I work for a large construction company as Export Manager and travel regularly.

My life is an epic juggling act. Always a ball flying from one hand to he other and frequently landing on the floor.

As I rapidly head towards my 40th birthday, I am doing everything within my power to stop the ageing process. I will try every cream, lotion, potion and serum if it promises me eternal youth. I find learning about beauty and trying out new products is my "time out" from all the pressures that go with life. It's my "me" time.

I write this bio sat on a plane on my way to another destination. Missing the hubster and the small one. Feeling guilty that I won't be at the school gates, yet again, whilst dreaming about what Duty Free has to offer.

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